Chat-GPT launch up, Artificial Intelligence start the war

Chat-GPT launch up, Artificial Intelligence start the war

Three weeks ago, the artificial intelligence research and development firm OpenAI published ChatGPT. Even if there are certain issues with the chatbot, its capabilities have caused Google to ring the alert about a potential commercial threat. Now that ChatGPT has totally conquered the internet, it is a force to be contend with. Along with giving precise responses, ChatGPT is able to write sophisticated codes, essays, poetry, and stories. The talk around ChatGPT as a Google substitute is at an all-time high right now. ChatGPT has been implemented to create cover letters, prepare a kids story, and even assist students in plagiarizing their essays since its launch in November of last year. We may be underestimating the chatbot’s capabilities. The bot might theoretically be hired by Google as an entry-level programmer if it conducted an interview. Employees at Amazon who evaluated ChatGPT claimed it is “excellent” at creating training materials, “extremely strong” at responding to inquiries on corporate strategy, and “does a very great job” of addressing customer service questions. Whereas a 2013 Oxford University report revealed that in the coming 20 years, AI might displace 47% of US jobs, the projection seems to have been wrong. According to Mark Muro, a senior scholar at the Brookings Company who has studied AI’s influence on the American workforce, technological improvements like ChatGPT could actually create code quicker than humans, meaning that work can be performed with fewer personnel. According to Madgavkar, ChatGPT and similar types of AI might have an impact on all media positions, including in advertising, writing skills, journalism, and any position requiring content creation. This is so because AI is efficient at reading, writing, and comprehending text-based data, she continued. Additionally, teachers across the nation are anxious about classmates using ChatGPT to cheat on their assignments, but Pengcheng Shi, an assistant dean in the department of computer science and systems engineering at Rochester Company of Technology. says they should also be considering the future of their employment. According to Shi, ChatGPT could easily teach lessons already. A week after its inception, ChatGPT has indeed gained a million users. According to a Gartner survey from 2022, by the year 2027, 25% of businesses will use chatbots as their primary customer care channel. While gathering pertinent data from the web, it may give consumers precise responses to searches that are comparable to everyday human discussions. According to reports, Google prioritizes factual correctness in an effort to reduce the likelihood that AI chatbots will confidently respond to requests with inaccurate information. Given the ongoing discussion over the ethics of employing AI and the possibility for reinforcing biases already in training data, Google has displayed caution in disclosing AI products and services. The applications for which Google now offers AI are severely constrained. Notwithstanding the potential for reputational harm to the corporation, Google is probably reconsidering its plans as ChatGPT gains traction and may take action to stay ahead of the competition. In response to the question of whether ChatGPT will kill Google, it stated: “No, ChatGPT is just not capable of destroying Google because it is merely a linguistic modeling and doesn’t have the potential to hurt or disrupt a firm like Google. ChatGPT is a technology that is used to enhance natural language understanding and processing, but this is not a substitute for the extensive array of goods and services that Google provides. However, a single tool or product is unlikely to be able to completely replace Google because it is a significant and well-established firm with a wide variety of technology, resources, and expertise. Although ChatGPT & Google both employ cutting-edge language processing and comprehension technologies, they are still not direct rivals because their respective applications and modes of use differ, according to the chatbot. However, when the answer was regenerated, the AI chatbot stated that Google and OpenAI are both engaged in the study and development of AI and that their services may compete in a few particular markets.  

                                                                                                                                                    -Written by Sarah Abdallah

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